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  1. The Astrological Planets: The Modern (Dwarf) Planet Pluto
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  3. How This Mysterious Planet Can Help You Understand Your Dark Side

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The Astrological Planets: The Modern (Dwarf) Planet Pluto

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When it was first discovered in , the distant heavenly body Eris was referred to as the 10th planet in our solar system. Since then, it's been demoted to a dwarf planet, but if you're an astrology enthusiast it still can add depth to your birth chart — especially if you're drawn to the darker side of life, or if Pluto another dwarf planet plays a significant role in your astrological identity.

In order to find your Eris sign, you'll have to seek out an advanced birth chart reading — or an online generator that allows you to select other planets and asteroids in addition to the sun, moon, and nine planets to display.

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Once you find where Eris is located on your chart, the real reflection can begin. To be sure, if you only have a passing interest in astrology, you might want to skip out on learning about this celestial body, since it's not a major one. But, if you want to explore the edgier parts of your psyche — and believe that astrology is best way to do that — Eris is an excellent place to start.

How do I control the desktop app?

Named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord , Eris' position in your birth char t indicates how and where in life you express your rebellious side. Certain signs of the Zodiac are known to be more anti-establishment than others Aquarius and Scorpio leap to mind , but thinking that others aren't rebellious at all is to overlook Eris' influence.


After all, everyone has this dwarf planet somewhere in their chart. So, even the most straight-laced Virgo or go-with-the-flow Libra still has some fight in them — let this be a reminder that rebellion comes in many forms. For example, having Eris in Aries is a pretty straightforward expression. This placement suggests that you resist boldly, loudly, and with abandon. When expressed through the sign of the confrontational Ram, Eris is what urges you to speak out against — and fight to the end — anything that you consider to go against your morals.

How This Mysterious Planet Can Help You Understand Your Dark Side

Eris' visual discovery and her naming began the process of merging the "warrior woman" archetype into the collective consciousness. Eris won't exit Aries until Which means the almost everyone alive today has witnessed or participated in the rise of the "warrior woman. Uranus the planet of radical change and Eris the warrior woman were side by side conjunct in the heavens from about June to March On January 21, , the tension had built to the point that suddenly and unexpectedly an estimated 3,, to 4,, people in the United States and up to 5 million worldwide stepped forward to participate in a march for women's rights.

There are several symbols or glyphs used for Eris, but the one most commonly used is a combination of the glyphs for Pluto, the planet Venus , and the planet Mars ; a circle with an arrow pointing down. Different free chart calculators online use various symbols, and some don't allow you to locate Eris.

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However, the tool on astro. Unless you were born before , you have Eris in the sign of Aries. This makes her position by aspect and astrological house in a birth chart significant. However it takes many years for astrologers to come to an understanding of how a new planet should be interpreted in a birth chart, and Eris has only been studied since However, it seems clear that wherever Eris is in your chart, an "angelic warrior" is at work creating discord and strife.

Listed below are some key phrases you can play with that might help you interpret what Eris means in your birth chart.